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Our purpose

To promote
competitive sailing
from Barcelona

Involving people through the diffusion of the values of sailing, innovation and sport.

Since our foundation in 2005, we have been working with the aim of consolidating Barcelona as a reference base for competitive sailing in the Mediterranean.

Our activities are focused on tangible objectives:

Let's start at the beginning

Nautical Popularisation

We bring the experience closer and awaken the curiosity of children, young people and adults who participate in the values, knowledge and skills around sailing from Barcelona.

Els nostres
programes educatius

The FBCN Educational Programmes are aimed at primary and secondary school pupils who - through their teaching teams - discover and learn about different subjects related to competitive sailing.

We advise, train and develop resources, with the aim of encouraging critical thinking among students, to improve the social perception of science and to provoke an increase in the selection of post-compulsory "Steam" studies and to generate a positive change in the self-perception of students in these disciplines.

The experience triggers the curiosity and emotions of young people, who participate in the values, knowledge and informative objectives surrounding this "adventure", at the same time as they establish close relationships with its protagonists.

We create and implement educational programmes to encourage accompaniment in schools throughout the territory.

We develop the programmes together with the teams and in the teaching centres, during the school year and in synchronisation with the preparation and competition calendar of the course.

Their opinion defines us

The competitive sailing

The FBCN promotes sports projects in different classes that compete around the world.

Class Globe 5.80

Mini 6.50

AC 40

Imoca 60

AC 75

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